Manuscript Submission

Manuscript Submission Closed


This section includes information to guide you through the whole submission process, from paper submission through conference presentation preparation.



  • All manuscripts should be submitted in MS Word or PDF format only.
  • Papers should address one of the topics listed in the call for papers.
  • One author should be designated as the corresponding author (All future communications will be sent to the corresponding author).
  • For submission, the corresponding author should get the consent from all the co-authors. ICICCS will not be liable for responding to the manuscript's co-authors.



The entire submission process will be handled through the conference Email in a very professional manner.

The paper size is 6-8 pages.

Send the paper via Email on or before the stipulated deadline.



  • Tables and figures should be clearly labelled and of high quality.
  • Authors should proof-read the manuscript to avoid any grammatical or typographical errors. Papers can be rejected due to a poor standard of English.
  • The APA referencing style is the recognized reference method, and all contributors included in your article should be appropriately acknowledged using referencing and citations.

Microsoft Word

US letter (DOC, 30 KB) Updated Jan 2019

A4 (DOC, 30 KB) Updated Jan 2019

LaTeX Template Instructions (PDF, 63 KB) [Be sure to use the template's conference mode.]

Template (ZIP, 700 KB) Updated October 2019

LaTeX Bibliography Files (ZIP, 309 KB)


When working in Overleaf, the template is available at

Click here to Download IEEE Copyright Form

Submit IEEE Copyright




Authors, who receive acceptance letter via Email can proceed to the registration and submission of final documents.



Case 1: If your paper has been suggested for a revision. Author should revise the paper according to the specified reviewer comments and the updated paper should be sent back to the conference before the specified final submission deadline.

Case 2: If the paper has plagiarism or if the submitted research work is out of the conference theme, it will be reject without suggesting any further revision

Case 3: The paper can also be rejected due to poor English Standard.


Plagiarism Policy & Publication Ethics:

Copying of contents from other articles is strictly prohibited. All articles submitted to ICICCS 2022 will first undergo a plagiarism check before being sent to our review committee for review. The plagiarized articles will be rejected (Must be 15% below including references).  Only articles with 80% original content should be submitted with the expectation of being accepted in ICICCS 2022. Review reports have to be answered by the author accurately. Malpractice will not be tolerated. Any Plagiarism, Poor Figures, Flawed Science, and Uneven quality may lead to the rejection of the paper. If plagiarism is detected at any stage of publication, the paper will be rejected immediately.


IEEE Policies:

Papers are reviewed on the basis that they do not contain plagiarized material and have not been submitted to any other conference at the same time (double submission). These matters are taken very seriously and the IEEE Communications society will take action against any author who has engaged in either practice.

IEEE Web Page on Plagiarism

IEEE Web Page on Double Submission


Presentation Guidelines

If you have had a paper accepted, you are expected to give a 20 minute presentation of your work. We strongly suggest that you restrict the number of slides in your presentation to 15 or fewer.